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How to measure and choose extra-long curtains Rods

Some of us have big and tall large than life windows in our homes and office. As much fun and grand, this looks equally challenging as fitting curtains and curtains rods on these larger-than-life windows. If you are worried about how you will manage hanging curtains or fitting rods to such large windows then you can approach StyFect which is one of the best curtain shops in Dubai.

In this blog, we will take you through a detailed guide on how you can make fixing large curtains and curtain rods a very easy thing. So read this article until the end without missing any part.

Let Us First See How You Take Measurements for Large Windows and Curtain Rods for It

Priorities first calculate the length of the curtain rod you need and measure your window. To properly calculate the width of your windows, use a steel tape measure. Depending on the window style, you can measure from frame to frame or casing to casing. If you are still confused you can simply call the experts at StyFect at your home. Our experts will visit your home with all the required tools and instruments and take accurate measurements of your windows. In addition, we can even provide a few samples to you so that you can take inspiration from them and choose the right curtains or blinds for your windows. You can choose blackout curtains, blinds, or even sheer curtains in Dubai for your window treatments. Note the dimensions of your window, then multiply them by 20% or six inches, depending on what looks best in the space and use it as a measurement for your curtains and rods, this is the general rule for measuring curtains.

General Sizes of Extra Long Curtain Rods

Regular curtains rods and rods for extra-long curtains differ a lot from each other. One may assume that extra-long rods are simply larger but it’s a wrong assumption. You can use both sheer as well as blackout curtains in Dubai for your extra-large window treatments. But a noteworthy thing to remember here is that extra-long curtains weigh more and if you use thin rids in longer lengths then they may not be able to sustain the weight of curtains and over time may get deformed. That is why at StyFect we recommend special rods specially manufactured for long windows to be used for extra-long windows.

The following size ranges are typically offered for standard curtain rods:
  • 28–48 inches
  • 84 to 48 inches
  • Inches 66 to 120
On the other hand, extra-long curtain rods can extend above 120 inches. Sadly, while being carried by well-known merchants, 120-inch rods are often harder to find than regular rod diameters. Hence, it could be challenging to find the ideal extra-long curtain rod in stores if you have unique or custom-made windows. But StyFect is one of the oldest and leading curtain retailers in UAE with us you can find curtains and accessories for almost all types of window treatments.

How to Choose the Right Types of Curtain Rods?

The appropriate curtain rods can improve the overall appearance and atmosphere of your house. You will find some of the best blinds & curtains in Dubai at StyFect stores and to be honest, we have a wide range of different curtain rods and curtains that can put anyone into confusion. But experts at StyFect are always there to help you out. So how can you choose when there are so many options? In general, there are five factors to take into account when selecting an extra-long curtain rod:

  • Examine the decor or design features of your space.
  • Choosing a curtain rod type: either one or two?
  • Choose the fabric or finish for your curtain rods.
  • Choose the ideal hue: Compare and contrast.
  • Make the final adjustments: Tiebacks and finials

How to Install Extra-Long Curtain Rods?

A standard-length curtain rod can be installed in the same way as an extra-long rod. But be sure to take accurate dimensions to prevent your window treatments and rod from sagging in the middle. Due to the combined size, weight, and length of the curtains and the pole, extremely long curtain rods need additional support. Because of this, we strongly suggest including a center support bracket every 30 inches along your rod. Being one of the oldest curtain shops in Dubai you will find plenty of hacks and tips to hang extra-long curtains and window treatments.

How to Support Extra-Long Curtain Rods?

Giving adequate support to extra-long curtain rods is essential here we have listed some pointers for strengthening and supporting extra-long curtain rods easily:

  • If you’re hanging many panels or draperies, use sturdy rods and sturdy mounting gear.
  • If you have conventional mounting brackets, strengthen them by adding a drywall anchor.
  • If your walls are plaster, you might want to use longer screws.
  • Make sure there are adequate center brackets used.

You could find it difficult to make sure that each center support bracket is straight and evenly spaced if your windows are bigger (as are many living room windows). Thankfully, the cutting-edge curtain rod brackets from StyFect take the trouble out of measuring and leveling. In addition to this, you will find some of the best curtains in Dubai at StyFect stores.

Stress-Free Way to Hand Extra-Long Curtains

The process of hanging curtains shouldn’t be difficult. Traditional curtain hardware, however, needs to be installed by measuring, leveling, drilling, and screwing, and there is no assurance that you will do so correctly the first time. The damage-free brackets from StyFect require no drilling or measuring at all. You can always have beautiful curtains thanks to their quick installation. Additionally, our team is well-trained and has years of experience which enables them to work efficiently even with simple tools. A range of colors, textiles, and patterns are available for single, double, and center-type curtains and blinds with StyFect.

Concluding Lines

At StyFect we ensure our clients get the best service and high-quality window treatments at the most affordable prices. Browse through our website or visit our store in person to see our latest collection.

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