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Dos and Don’ts of Pairing Curtains and Blinds

You may decorate your home in a variety of ways to make it lovely, alluring, and convenient to use. To give your home a modern or traditional style, you can add a variety of furniture pieces, and along with them, you can experiment with different window treatment alternatives to make the most of it.

Many homeowners and interior designers favour pairing modern drapes with blinds because it is a timeless and colorful combination. Together, they can create flexible, aesthetically beautiful, and multipurpose décor. Not only that, but they can both manage the amount of light and privacy by working together.

If you are wondering how curtains and blinds look together, the best course of action is to go to StyFect curtain shops in Dubai and look at our work. You will get a good idea of how they both look good together. Alternatively, you can even visit our Instagram and other social media pages there too, and you will be able to see how blinds and curtains look good together. Or you can even use the search engine and check the results by simply typing “pairing curtains and blinds. You will learn how it appears and whether you ought to pursue it or not.

You must, however, be careful when combining blinds and curtains for modern homes. When combining modern home curtains with blinds, there are a few considerations to make. To avoid making mistakes, we will talk about some dos and don’ts in this blog. Please read it all the way through.


Choose the Type of Blind First

The first step after deciding to pair blinds with curtains is to select the type of blind. Venetian blinds work nicely with drapes and curtains, or you can choose roller blinds. Here, you need to pay close attention to your fabric and color choices because they will be crucial to finishing off the look of your space.

The most popular combination right now is blackout roller blinds in Dubai with S-fold or Wave-fold sheer curtains. The fact that this pair gives the room a contemporary yet exquisite appearance is one of the reasons it is so well-liked. Additionally, roller blinds are affordable, which will lower the overall cost of window furnishings. You can also use sheer curtains. But at night, sheer curtains don’t provide much privacy. Additionally, sheer curtains in Dubai alone cannot give you a dark room to sleep in. To receive the advantages of both windows, it is preferable to pair curtains with blinds.

Mix Plains with Textures

Modern curtain designs come in a broad variety of patterns, and you can play around with them to add character to your home. Once the color scheme has been decided upon, a simple coloured blind can be used to introduce a pattern into the space. The combination of textured drapes with a basic blind will give the space a unique appearance. The dominant color from the pattern must, however, go nicely with the blind fabric’s plain color. Your home will have a timeless, elegant, and inviting appearance by doing this. You will find some of the best curtains in Dubai at StyFect.

Use the Right Size

Additionally, you must select the proper size for modern home curtains. Do you prefer hanging curtains or ones that reach the floor? In general, homeowners like long curtains since they appear better and reach the floor. Additionally, it gives your room a bigger, more imposing appearance. Choosing the proper size of the curtains, though, is a matter of taste. Additionally, confirm that the size you choose is compatible with the blinds. Pairing small roller blinds in Dubai with long curtains won’t look good, so if you are unsure of the sizes, you can ask experts at StyFect for assistance.

Choose the Right Curtain Fabric

The best part about buying blinds & curtains in Dubai at StyFect is the variety of colors, fabrics, and textiles you may choose from. We advise choosing printed patterns because they are sophisticated and stylish even when they are opened. Utilize solid colors to divide patterns. However, blinds are frequently opened and hidden. The best course of action is to select a solid color for roller blinds in Dubai.


Choose the Same Curtains across House

This is a common error made by homeowners, which destroys the aesthetics of interior design. They ultimately decide to use the same curtains for all windows to achieve a similar décor. It would be simple to use the same roller blinds and blackout curtains in Dubai across the house, but it wouldn’t be attractive. It will make the areas appear jumbled and unattractive.

Everything revolves around establishing a cosy and practical ambience in each space. You need to experiment a little bit here because each area has a different charm and feel. Additionally, the lighting and privacy needs of each space vary, so you must select curtains based on those needs. To acquire the finest appeal for every area, talk with your interior designer about choosing the appropriate curtains in Dubai.

Mixing Prints with Prints

Either choose printed curtains or printed blinds if you wish to go for prints. It will look cluttered and ugly if you pair printed blackout roller blinds in Dubai with printed curtains. Select a blind color that is solid and plain if your curtains are printed. It will look too overwhelming to use prints on both window treatments, especially in a tiny room. The best option is to select a solid, plain blind that is matched with patterned curtains to give the space a new, modern, and superior look.

To pair curtains and the best rolling blinds, you must have a fundamental awareness of which colors and patterns go well together. If not, you can seek the assistance of an expert at StyFect.

Concluding Lines

When it comes to pairing curtains and blinds, considering small things is essential to getting the look you want. It is not a random thing to do. Buy roller blinds and curtains from us; we have a proven track record and offer professional help. Additionally, we offer the most affordable roller blinds price in Dubai. Follow the above-described dos and don’ts to have the best combination of curtains and blinds for your home. Always seek professional help when you are in a dilemma or confused, as professionals have years of experience and expertise up their sleeves and would be better able to guide you.

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